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We are proud to say that we have been in business for 28 years and we are dedicated to providing one of the best fitness and wellness experiences with our top-end products and our expert coaches and personal trainers. At PSB, We strive to make your experience a life changing journey through our enhanced classes, virtual and in person Q&A sessions, as well as our expanding PSB fitness community. We aim to cater to your needs, and make sure that we walk with you on your journey to make sure you achieve your goals every step of the way. We are excited to open our biggest PSB Fitness in Davis Campus, in Brampton, and we can’t wait to begin our practices with you amongst our 37 locations all across Canada.



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We offer different perks and opportunities for you to start your journey with remarkable experience. Our services include:

  • Flexible gym classes to your schedule.
  • Affordable prices for both products and services.
  • Complimentary diet advice.
  • Online community with VR rooms setups for better gym experience.
  • Q&A drop in sessions with our most experienced life coaches and personal trainers.
  • Free internet access





Access to all location

$179 Annual fee

FREE gym bag

Unlimited massage chair use

Gratitude gym access for one family or friends permitted





Virtual class

Meditation class

Group aerobics

Group bicycle

Happy athletic people jogging on treadmills in a health club


Students and Staff get an additional 15% discount for the first 3 months.





Evening meals increase the risk of being overweight



Metabolism decreases with age


THIS COULD COME AS A SHOCK, however listen to us…

Toss your scale out in light of the fact that you will not be requiring it.


To begin with, at the point when you figure the pounds won’t fall off, they will. Your scale number may not change when you get on it and you might add bulk and muscle weighs more than fat. It’s more about how your body feels, how your garments fit and how you’re seeing yourself.


Therefore, to shed pounds, you really want to consume a greater number of calories than you consume or eat less calories than your body utilizes every day. In the event that you don’t have a calorie deficiency, you won’t shed pounds.


However the most widely recognized misinterpretation about strength preparing is that you’ll get massive. Running against the norm, strength preparing will help you the most with regards to getting thinner and all the more significantly, keeping the load off. That is on the grounds that you will consume more calories over the course of the day by expanding your resting metabolic rate.



In the event that you’re an individual from a neighbourhood rec center, request one from our mentors to show you some strength-preparing activities or assist you with making an everyday practice. You could utilize free loads, machines, or both.


In addition to this, in the event that you like to resolve in your own home, you can likewise get a few hand weights and a weight seat to use at home. Fortunately there is plenty of free (and paid membership administrations) content accessible on the web to find out about legitimate structure and how to appropriately utilize loads.









How to reach us

Phone number: 905-233-9291


Address: Davis Campus, 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON. L6Y 5H9

               HMC Campus, 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

PSB Fitness in Mississauga with App

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We’ve got your back! 

Who is PSB Fitness in Mississauga?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fitness junkie or someone who hasn’t touched a dumbbell before, there is room for everyone at PSB fitness. PSB Fitness is a new exciting gym in Mississauga with the incredible addition of an App! Starting your fitness journey solo is hardly a sign of strength, so having people in your corner will be quite the occurrence here. Our instructors and trainers will create the perfect plan for you, whether in person or virtual, to push you to become the strongest and healthiest version of yourself. Are you ready?

Our goal

Our goal is to provide students and non-students alike a chance to de-stress and refuel themselves. We know first-hand that academia can take a complete toll on your mind and body which is why we will aim to provide a sense of relief and comfort for students. Above all, our mantra isn’t focused solely on fitness, but rather it is to tap into your mental, spiritual, and physical being. 

What PSB Fitness in Mississauga with App offers

We offer a variety of different products, services, and amenities that include:

  • State-of-the-art fitness equipment available for everyday use with detailed instructions
  • Premium weights, cardio, and strength equipment
  • One-on-one training sessions with licensed trainers
  • Classes and programs include Yoga, Bollywood Dancing, Kickboxing, HIIT, Zumba, and much more.
  • Amenities include: Sauna Room, Steam Room, Massage Room
  • A cafe that offers juices, smoothies, shakes, and espressos!
  • A fitness app that will help you stay connected with your prospective fitness community
  • Meal plans and dieticians are available for guidance and tips!
  • Daycare is available

Ready to elevate your workout to the next level?

Get your fuel up with our very own program called MindExercise! It is the perfect fusion of innovation, technology, and creativity. This brings your body, mind, and soul together and offers an experience of a lifetime. This program will use VR effects through a projector to transport you to a dystopian universe where you will be given the option of choosing your role, location, music, and tools to complete a series of missions. You use your body as a controller and move it through space to make all the correct movements to give you the highest score!

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PSB Fitness In Mississauga with App

Certainly, with the ease of a digital world, we have incorporated the addition of a PSB Fitness App that will allow members to get the most out of their membership. We know you’re excited about this new affordable gym in Mississauga with an App. For instance, the app will give you access to a schedule of all the classes and programs on a month-to-month basis and allow you to make bookings and catch up on your favorite workouts. Moreover, it will also entail special workouts geared towards your body and goals that can be done from the comfort of your home. Similarly, you can stream, download, and cast all your favorite workouts as well as use our very own feature of video-call conferences where you and your buddy can work out together. Most importantly, we want to give you all the options to work out anywhere and anytime!


Membership Fees

Our Students and faculty members will have a budget-friendly fee, with the sole requirement of a One Card upon registration. Our membership fees are charged on a monthly basis and our payment options are as follows:

  • Student/Faculty Staff Pricing starts at $19.99 (All-Amenities Included)
  • $7.99 for a day pass (All-Amenities Included)
  • Non-Student Pricing starts at $23.99 (All-Amenities Included)
  • Individual training with a personal trainer will consist of an additional fee of $9.99 per session

FAQs and more!

Where are you located?

We are located at the following locations:

What are your hours?

  • Monday to Friday: 5 am to 1 am
  • Saturday: 6 am to 11 pm
  • Sunday: 7 am to 10 pm

Join us

Your fitness community can’t wait to meet you! We will be here for you every step of the way, fostering an inclusive and friendly environment where you can be yourself. For any further questions, please visit us at 

If you enjoyed our content, please visit to learn about the benefits of eating well and exercising efficiently!

Personal trainers





PSB Fitness Gaming VR Gym

PSB Fitness

A brand new VR Gaming Gym in Mississauga is now available for all to use! This gaming gym located at Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC) is an experience all must try.

Who said exercising shouldn’t be fun? PSB Fitness combines the need to stay healthy with the want of having fun while exercising. The combination of the latest technology in VR and gym machines/equipment integrated with video games will transform you into new worlds when exercising.


VR Gaming While Working Out

Working out isn’t easy, but it can be fun! PSB Fitness deviates from the traditional gym formula by integrating the workout machines with video games and virtual reality. Each piece of equipment can be used traditionally or can be used while experiencing PSB Fitness’s new line of workout games.

Whether you choose to go virtual or look at one of the hundred’s TVs around our gyms, you will find yourself immersed when exercising. Each machine has up to 5 different games you can play that is related to the physical activity you are attempting to do. The games are fun, track your progress, and even post your score on a leaderboard that is available for all to beat. You can even challenge your friends in friendly competitions, or team up with your best mates and go against a different group, exclusively all in our VR gaming gym in Mississauga.

How It All Works out

A VR gaming gym can seem like a lot but it’s actually quite simple. Every machine and weight you will find in a traditional gym, you will find here too. You can use any of our machines without having to play the games if you wish to, but we do recommend trying out our different games, there is something there for everyone!

When it comes to levels themselves, we use a formula that differs for every game to determine your score. You can increase your score in many different ways. Depending on the machine you are using, increasing the weight, your repetitions, or how fast you are attempting to exercise can all increase your score.

For people looking to have a casual fun time, if you don’t like one of the levels of the game, you can easily switch to another until you find what you like, or if you are a hardcore “gym rat” like us, attempt to find all the hidden lore and solve all the puzzles by progressing through every level. There are hundreds of hours of enjoyable content, and we are always adding more.

The virtual reality machines work quite similarly to the regular video games ones. Every VR machine will have a virtual reality helmet attached to it. Simply put on the helmet, attach the virtual reality controlers to your hands and legs, select your level and begin having fun! VR gaming gym in Mississauga provides all the VR headsets and hand/feet equipment needed.

PSB Fitness App

Coach showing members the Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

The amazing thing about going digital is that everything you will ever need is stored in our app. No longer will you have to bring a gym card that is attached to your keys, now, you can simply scan your card through our app using a specialized barcode given only to you. But that’s not all.

The PSB Fitness App is an amazing tool that will enhance your gym experience and will make your life easier. All your progress from every machine will be tracked using our app that is directly linked to the machine you are currently using. Every rep, every weight, and every step is all tracked and displayed in an easy-to-find format, this way, you will never ever have to try and remember what weight or how many reps you previously did. The app will also display your total progress in a chart, showing you how much you have improved to keep your confidence levels high!

Lastly, our app has thorough training and explanations for every machine in our gym, as well as many other exercises you may want to attempt which are not machine-related such as calisthenic workouts. Simply look up the name of the exercise/machine, and there is will be a video recorded by professionals teaching you how to best perform the exercises. Some machines require you to move the seats to get the best out of the workout, when looking up such machines in our app, there will be a handy drop-down menu that allows you to choose your height. Based on your height, a recommendation of the seat’s height will appear on your screen.

Leaderboards and Events

Every exercise machine will have a leaderboard publically displayed that refreshes weekly, the winners of the machines can will small prizes. Events are held weekly and usually include teams going against each other in an epic clash! If you would like to sign up for our next event please download and sign up on our PSB Fitness App.

More Information

This VR gaming gym in Mississauga is located in the Hazel McCallion Sheridan Campus in Square one. Everyone is welcome to join, but Sheridan students and Sheridan faculty get 30% off.

If you enjoyed reading through our page, here is another page that talks about all the great things about our VR gaming gym in Mississauga – PSB Fitness – VRcade Mississauga

Interested in finding out more about the link between gaming, virtual reality, and gym equipment? Then check out this video: VR workout machine

If you want to find out even more check this out: Exercise and Virtual Reality

Virtual gym classes in Mississauga


The gym fitness Centre started in 2001 as a recreational Centre which later converted to a fitness Centre. Furthermore, the club is known for its special equipment enabling our clients to attain fitness and serve them right. Also, the business has several branches located around the country, with its offices located in Dallas. Notably, the fitness club has more than 3 million registered members to train with us.

Gym fitness Centre offers different fitness training starting from Yoga dance, Aerobics, Pilates, and Group cycling. Most importantly, have the clients before anything else, and this is evident by the kind of services offered and the promotional discounts. You have to note that we have partnered with several public figures who act as the company’s brand ambassadors.

Before I forget, you can join us anytime and start your fitness journey. Train with us and have fun at the same time.

Our programs and sessions.

NOTE 1: Training is every day from Monday to Friday, 9 am- 12noon and 3 pm- 6 pm.

NOTE 1: From Monday to Friday, 8 am- 9 am; registration of new members and assigning trainers.

Saturday; our training starts from 10 am-12 pm

1 pm-3 pm we have dance competitions, weight lifting completion’s where winners get prizes.

Sunday; No training but a fun day for those willing to attend, such as bike riding competitions.



  • Offering personal trainers to a large number of our clients.
  • Making our clients healthier.
  • Installing some health assessment equipment for our members.

KPI 3.1: Staff members will weigh and measure the body fat composition of new members.







We have to keep growing by each day to remain competitive and running in the market. Equally important, we have a registration that is renewable annually. Every member who wishes to join us must pay $30, but it varies among those who want to have their trainers who are required to pay $45.

Once you pay the registration fee, you are now a full member of gym fitness, and thus you are given a card that acts as a gate pass to the building. The good thing is that you are entitled to a 1-week free training which after that you decide if you can join us or not. For instance, it gives new members a chance to taste our services before paying the registration fee. 

Further, willing customers can constantly sign up/sign in with us on our internet site or at our Fitness locations. After that, you may get hold of a Fitness center bundle to make your adventure with us enjoyable. Above all, health is essential, and so is your intellectual fitness, and therefore we have made this magnificence a laugh only for you.

What is standing in your way from joining us? Come on; you can do this!!! You can do better!!! Welcome to the fun family!!!


How to join us:

You can visit our website at

Contact us via (324) 546 6574

Please email us at

On Facebook @gymfitness21

You will find a form to fill out which has our address. Then you can come physically to any of our branches of your choice and start your journey.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.@gymfitness21.


How about that?? Trust me, we got you.

So, get ready because it is about to be fun in this building!


4Ps to USPs

Services; we have a fitness center with a wide range of exercise equipment, such as strength training and cardiovascular equipment, to help the clients. Additionally, we offer personal and certified trainers to interested individuals who act as their guides for specialized programs.

Lastly, exercise classes for groups include;

  • Yoga dance
  • Aerobics
  • Pilates
  • Group cycling

Product USP:

First, we have 24/7 available trainers. 

Quality equipment’s


Place: Locate us with ease.

Gym fitness is located at different locations to serve customers, but its quarters are in Dallas. In addition, the club has rooms for easy interaction between members.

Unquestionably, its location makes the gym more accessible, and many people like visiting for enjoyment and others on bodybuilding schedules.

The place’s USPs: HCM Hall

Its accessibility and flexibility.


Price: pocket friendly.

Clubs’ premium pricing comes with one week of free training. Besides, it is a well-recognized Centre with high-quality equipment, resulting in an increased price of its services compared to the competitors in the market.

Most Importantly, new clients are offered special discounts, for example, a rebate for the first month and one week of free training, among other advantages.

Once you enroll, you pay every month and annually. 

Price’s USP: it is readily affordable.


Promotion: Have fun, and enjoy as you work out for fitness.

The club maintains the value of image and marketing.

New members are entitled to free training for the first week.

Again, the club has various company ambassadors who serve as promotional ads for the company and offer some discounts to their customers.

Promotions USP: workout with us today: come with a smile tomorrow.

PSB Fitness


What’s up Fitness people?


At PSB Fitness, you can start as a rookie or a veteran or somewhere in the middle. No matter where you are in your fitness career PSB Fitness can help you elevate your daily fitness levels. This will also make sure you get to your short- and long-term goals effectively. Student life can get hectic and can negatively affect your mind and body. To keep your life in balance PSB Fitness is at your service.


Why join us for Fitness?


We know we have just started and most people even the young ones like you must be wondering why should I join this gym when I have so many better tried and tested options. Well, we have you covered in almost every way possible when it comes to fitness. From cheap monthly payments to yoga instructors, we have it all. Keep reading to find out all the things you would want to see in a modern gym!


What is in it for you regarding Fitness?

Equipment ready for you to lift

Free first month for all members to fully test the limits of everything that we will offer. On top of this no upfront fee. This will help you analyze everything we offer and see if other gyms offer the same facilities at the same price or not. For the students, it will be budget-friendly, for your information we have kept your weekly hangouts and movie plans in mind while giving this offer. To add to this wonderful benefit, we have yoga instructors too that will help you in person and virtually to become amazing at Yoga.


Yoga at PSB Fitness

You must be wondering why haven’t we mentioned swimming pools yet? Yes, we do have a swimming pool! Learn how to swim with professional instructors that guide you through every step of the way, from the first erratic lesson to professional strokes in the pool. PSB Fitness also offers virtual and in-person lessons regarding fitness from professionals. This is free of cost monthly lesson on how to keep yourself fit. Topics such as nutrition, weight training, and cardio are all covered under this. We take pride in focusing on you. We do this by assigning an instructor to you twice per week for an hour. This is covered under the monthly payment you will make.


These instructors will focus on you to make sure you achieve your short- and long-term goals. From diet, form, weights, cardio and getting the most out of your gym time, these instructors will be with you every step of the way. We will not leave you alone on this journey to fulfill those fitness goals. In the off-hours, you can contact our instructors through email and live video chat on our website. Even when they are not in or not focusing on you, you can still go ahead and ask them for tips and tricks to up your levels of fitness at PSB Fitness.

To keep things interesting, we will offer you free meals either at the beginning of your workout or after your workout. These meals will be light and refreshing to keep things balanced. Now to the least important part, the monthly payment. You will only have to pay $15. For everything that is mentioned above is included in this payment, this sounds like a dream deal, we wish we had a gym like this when we were just starting too. It is never too late, to make fitness and gym accessible.

Come join us!

We welcome you at PSB Fitness with a warm embrace, to see you become the best version of yourself physically and emotionally as well. We will be here supporting you along the journey. Whether you have a first few hiccups or you hit the ground running, we will be there for you.

Our team






Beginner Gym Ice Baths

Attention only those who:

Are looking for beginner friendly gym with ice baths in Mississauga Ontario. 

✅Are physically attempting to improve their body’s physical appearance (whether by adding muscle, toning up, or decreasing weight)

✅ Those who are new to the gym and have never done it before. Anyone who is unfamiliar with working out, fitness equipment, gym routines, or diet.

✅Someone who is only trying to be active and healthy without worrying about their appearance and who wants to get a decent cardio workout in the gym.

✅Students or general public in the area, with a hectic schedule who want to be guided through their training

✅ without having to rely on trial and error or lengthy research for a workout regimen or nutrition plan.


Hazel McCallion Sheridan College Campus. 

Address: 4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga, Ontario. 

Being close to Sheridan provides a convenience for Sheridan students that have busy school schedules which they will be able to take advantage of the unique perks of being a student. 

Beginner friendly gym with ice baths in mississauga ontario

Discover Our Gym Benefits:

  • You may be qualified to win home gym equipment from our gym. This is also a part of the green project that aids in the generation of energy and the reduction of home energy consumption.

One of the perks is that you can win exercise equipment for your home from our gym. This will assist you in conserving energy as a household and save you money on energy expenditures.

We assist you in getting started and creating your own road map to achieving your personal goals, as well as providing a dietary plan that is ideal for beginners.


Beginner friendly gym with ice baths in mississauga ontario
Beginner friendly gym with ice baths in mississauga ontario


  • virtually join the gym from the comfort of your own home and engage in the gym’s numerous classes such as zumba, yoga, and so on.

This allows you to save time by joining and leaving the session whenever it is most convenient for you in your daily routine.

  • Cold rooms where People can experience an ice bath effect thanks to our nanotechnology.

Beginner friendly gym with ice baths in Mississauga Ontario

  • Our gym equipment is also cutting-edge in terms of technology, and it is designed to be user-friendly. The machines have been redesigned in a way that makes it easy for new members to learn how to operate them.

The machines have sensors that will  indicate when the exercise done on the machine was not good form.  Our clients will be able to get the most out of the machines, ensuring the success of the workout. They will also be able to keep track of their technique without the use of a spotter or guide.

Green Initiative: 

We are a green gym that supports the environment. The kinetic energy allows our machines to transform machine movements energy that can be used to power our business.

The gym is ecologically conscientious, and it sets itself apart by incorporating environmental corporate social responsibility into its operations. All of this movement and momentum in the gym is connected to an energy supply, in which individuals who visit our gyms and use the machines provide manpower to produce energy. Since the company uses less energy, the amount of harmful gasses generated by power plants is reduced. promoting the gym as an environmentally conscious company concerned about the planet’s future

Price for Beginner friendly gym with ice baths in Mississauga Ontario

Standard price $12.99 

Premium package $22.00 (includes the Beginner friendly gym with ice baths in Mississauga Ontario)

Student with Scholarship plan $9.74  

Affordable packages for students and the general public.  Relatively lower from most of the competitors and we provide almost all or even more services then our competitors. Start today just for 12.99 biweekly, which includes all workout and sporting amenities. We also provide a 25% discount off regular rate for Sheridan students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. 


Call-to-Action For Beginner friendly gym with ice baths in Mississauga Ontario

Get a free 3 day trial

PSB Fitness – Smart gym with virtual assistant

Join us at Mississauga’s first smart gym! A gym loaded with technology to make your workouts more efficient, fun and accessible. Our virtual fitness assistant provides workout plans tailored just for you. Start now and start your smart gym journey with a free two trial our subscriptions just for $25.00/month ($35 Annual Admin Fee).

Smart gym & Virtual assistant

A gym dedicated to meeting your goals. Our virtual assistant creates workout and fitness plans to ensure you meet your goals. Our technology keeps track of your body composition metrics for two reasons. For our virtual assistant to analyze and certify your on track to meet goals and to improve the understanding and knowledge between workouts and members.

Apply Now

Photo of girl on cardio machine

PSB Fitness Smart gym – Brick & Mortar

  • Access to smart gym at Campus
  • High tech equipments
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Personal training services
  • Athletic instructions
  • Four body composition analysis monthly

PSB Fitness Smart Gym  & Virtual assistant – Full Package

  • Access to smart gym at Campus
  • High tech equipments
  • Body composition metrics
  • Access to virual assistant and home workout plans
  • Personal training services
  • Athletic instructions
  • Fie body composition analysis Weekly

About Us

PSB Fitness was founded by Jessie and Matt who are two recent PSB graduates. Jessie has 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness, while Matt is a verified personal trainer with 5 years experience. Together Jessie and Matt wanted to give Sheridan students and the people who also reside around the school a safe, fun, friendly, and comfortable environment to work out in. We at PSB Fitness strive to achieve an environmentally healthy and positive space which should also include and have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can meet new people and enjoy the wonders of reaching new heights with them or concentrate on your own to achieve your goals. Visit Sheridan College.

Physical Activity benefits

Group 4

PSB Fitness Gym

About us

PSB Fitness was founded by myself (Jessie) and my buddy Matt, we met at Sheridan College, and we’ve been inseparable since. Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience and 15 existing clients. I have 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor at the top gyms in the world.

Fitness has changed our lives, it has made us feel great physically and mentally, along with boosting our confidence. It has provided us with purpose and has helped us create and tighten bonds in our relationships. Our goal is to spread the health benefits of exercise to as many people as we can. We created PSB Fitness together to make exercising easy and convenient for everyone. We believe that with the use of technology we can make it easier than ever to educate and help people live active and healthy lives.


Affordable Prices!

PSB Fitness offers three types of payment options.

  1. $6 for a day pass. You get to work out without committing to a whole contract.
  2. $30 a month. This is a reoccurring fee that you can cancel at any time.
  3. $100 for an entire semester (4 months). For those that need some exercise to relieve the stress of a busy semester.



PSB Fitness offers a variety of training equipment. We have treadmills and exercise bikes for those focused on burning calories and body fat, and who want to strengthen their cardio. There is also classic gym equipment like benches and squat racks along with a variety of dumbbells for those who are looking to add muscle. We even have a variety of machines with simple instructions to follow for ease of use. PSB Fitness also has private rooms for group classes because exercising in groups is usually more fun. We have locker rooms for men, women, and trans individuals.

Beginner-friendly gym in Mississauga and Brampton



Our group classes are guided by advanced virtual trainers which means you and your friends can come anytime to have fun and intense workouts. Don’t worry though, these classes have a variety of difficulty levels which means whether you are a beginner or advanced, we will have classes for you. We have aerobic- and strength-based classes along with yoga classes. We also have tablets around the gym that members get access to that could provide workout routines and proper form for exercises. Members of the gym can get access to this app on their own devices. Members can get access to virtual classes online and in person.



There’s a special type of bond that is created when a group struggles, sweats, grinds, and fights their way through a tough workout. Studies show that 95% of those who started a weight-loss program with friends completed the program. Working out in groups enhances consistency, duration, conversation, motivation, and inspiration. If you want to push yourself to reach your fitness goals, join our group classes, come to our massive events and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

our team

Let’s Get Fit Together!


Visit us at either of our locations at Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus or Sheridan College Davis Campus.


Sheridan college

Gym with curated nutrition meal plan in Mississauga

Tasty meal plan for your fitness goals

Looking for a gym where you can also get your custom meal plan that support your nutritional needs and also taste good. Build nutrition meal plan personalized to your taste and reach your fitness goals in weeks.

Our Culture

PSB fitness was founded by two Sheridan alumni fitness professions. After being in the fitness industry for over a decade, they have decided to share their experience on improving once fitness. Firstly their goal was to built a fitness community that can activity participate with professionals and consult for nutritional needs. However, They also understood the importance of preference and taste. Therefore hired professional dietitian to help you build diet plan as per your taste and preference. Most of the professionals today agree that, individual fitness goals require individual workout routines and dietary planning. At PSB Fitness our goal is to not only provide best services for your workout routine. Moreover, help community members improve their diet as it serves the building block for fitness and health.

Jessie and Matt founded PSB fitness on the same understanding of quality workout and tasty diet for better metal and physical health. Their knowledge and experience in the field of fitness has allowed PSB fitness to develop a culture of appreciation of individual goals when it comes to fitness. PSB fitness give you all the amenities that comes with modern gymnasium, moreover has assessable fitness and dietitian professionals to help you reach your goal.
Our facility
Cardio section

Visit Registered Dietitians for tasty nutrition meal plan

We understand the importance of proper diet for individual fitness goals. Therefore have hired a registered dietitian, with whom our members can consult and build tasty meal plan by which you wont get bored. Our members can build their own dietary plan with RD Roy who is available at both location Mississauga and Brampton. With our curated dietary plan that best suits your taste as well as personalized training we can guarantee that you see your goals in matter of weeks.

Nutrition meal plan
Custom meal plan


Our benefits and services:

PSB fitness provides all the amenities that comes with modern gymnasium

  • State of the art equipment’s and weights
  • Plenty of workout area and equipment’s
  • Tasty nutrition meal plan build for your preferences
  • One-on-one meeting with registered dietitian to builds your nutrition meal plan
  • Towel service
  • Online classes for training and consulting remotely
  • Basketball court
  • Squash court

Reasons to sign up today.

We at PSB fitness prioritize your fitness goals, we are here to make your fitness goals real by offering  one-on-one training with professionals to get best result out of the time you put into working out. PSB fitness is also one of the gyms that has registered dietitian for consulting your dietary plan. Diet is an essential part of your health, not having proper diet might leave you fatigued and unhealthy. Consult our registered dietitian to get your dietary meal plan, to best support your body with nutrition it required to meet you fitness goals.



At PSP fitness our members get full access to large variety of workout equipment and sporting amenities available at site. Moreover with our vast collection of equipment you have plenty of choice to choose from. Our membership also includes recovery areas to stretch and relax before or after your workout. Other amenities available at PSB fitness include basketball count , squash court and area for weekly classes.


  • At PSB fitness start today with our student plan of 12.99 biweekly.
  • Our premium membership starting at 24,49 biweekly includes monthly workout assessment
  • Build your nutrition meal plan with our registered nutrition just for extra 10$ dollars a month.

Join us today and start your journey to reach your personal fitness goals.


For latest updates and promotions, check our social media at





We are currently open at two locations in Ontario

4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga ON

7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton ON

to know more about us visit

Gym With Fitness App and Rewards in Mississauga and Brampton

Rewarding Gym With Fitness App

PSB Fitness and It’s Goal

PSB Fitness is founded by Jessie Hughes and Matt Jackson who are both PSB graduates and are professionals in the fitness industry. Jessie and Matt have been friends for over 9 years and have always shared a passion for fitness. They have dedicated their lives to not only achieve their own physical goals, but they have also guided hundreds of other people to achieve their goals and aspirations. Jessie has an experience of 7 years in one of the most well-known gyms in the GTA. On the other hand, Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years experience and several clients under his guidance. To further help people with their physical goals and aspirations, PSB provides an on site facility as well as a fitness app for remote workout sessions.

Both individuals have collectively come together and made it possible for students and other individuals in the peel region to attain their desired physical wants in a fun and affordable manner. PSB fitness was born from the passion and expertise of both the founders. Since Jessie and Matt can relate to the stress and hardships in the lives of college students, they have made it a priority to make a healthy change in the lives of students by providing them with an outlet that helps them cope with stress. Join us to be a part of the greater change!


You can join us on your journey to healthier life at:

7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton ON – L6Y 5H9

4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga ON – L5B 0G5

Memberships and Prices

We offer our customers two membership based on their occupation (students). Both memberships include full access to all the amenities and equipment provided on both the PSB Locations. However, due to our partnership with Sheridan College, Sheridan students will be charged a lower premium compared to other individuals.

Membership for Sheridan Students


Membership for Regular Customers


Jessie has 7 years experience as a Fitness Instructor

A Gym that Supports your Growth

PSB Fitness App and Gym to Make your Dreams Come True

PSB Fitness Strives to provide the best outlet for you to make a healthy change in your life in a fun and exciting manner. Therefore, it is important for us to push you to do your best, as well as take care of all your fitness needs. Hence, we offers a full 24 hour access for both our locations to all our customers. The gym membership includes access to equipment as well as a steam and sauna. Along with full access to the gym, PSB Fitness also offers experienced trainers that can be booked at an hourly rate in order for you to achieve your physical goals and aspirations. To further aid your fitness progress, as well as to take care of your required nutrition PSB Fitness also has a Supplement shop at both our locations.

You can track your calorie intake and output using our PSB Fitness+ app on your IOS and Android devices. You can also burn calories and earn rewards at the same time! It’s fitness and fun put together! You can also find quick 30 minute workout routines that can be performed at home and at the gym. Workout on site, or workout remotely, burn calories at your convenience!

The Biggest Loser Award!

For all the people who are joining PSB to lose weight and lead a healthy life, they can join our brand new contest called the The Biggest Loser Award! It sounds better than you think it is! People who are trying to lose weight can take part in the contest, and at the end of the month the person who loses the most weight will get a coupon for 1 month free membership at PSB which can be used at any time desired.