Gym With Fitness App and Rewards in Mississauga and Brampton

Rewarding Gym With Fitness App

PSB Fitness and It’s Goal

PSB Fitness is founded by Jessie Hughes and Matt Jackson who are both PSB graduates and are professionals in the fitness industry. Jessie and Matt have been friends for over 9 years and have always shared a passion for fitness. They have dedicated their lives to not only achieve their own physical goals, but they have also guided hundreds of other people to achieve their goals and aspirations. Jessie has an experience of 7 years in one of the most well-known gyms in the GTA. On the other hand, Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years experience and several clients under his guidance. To further help people with their physical goals and aspirations, PSB provides an on site facility as well as a fitness app for remote workout sessions.

Both individuals have collectively come together and made it possible for students and other individuals in the peel region to attain their desired physical wants in a fun and affordable manner. PSB fitness was born from the passion and expertise of both the founders. Since Jessie and Matt can relate to the stress and hardships in the lives of college students, they have made it a priority to make a healthy change in the lives of students by providing them with an outlet that helps them cope with stress. Join us to be a part of the greater change!


You can join us on your journey to healthier life at:

7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton ON – L6Y 5H9

4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga ON – L5B 0G5

Memberships and Prices

We offer our customers two membership based on their occupation (students). Both memberships include full access to all the amenities and equipment provided on both the PSB Locations. However, due to our partnership with Sheridan College, Sheridan students will be charged a lower premium compared to other individuals.

Membership for Sheridan Students


Membership for Regular Customers


Jessie has 7 years experience as a Fitness Instructor

A Gym that Supports your Growth

PSB Fitness App and Gym to Make your Dreams Come True

PSB Fitness Strives to provide the best outlet for you to make a healthy change in your life in a fun and exciting manner. Therefore, it is important for us to push you to do your best, as well as take care of all your fitness needs. Hence, we offers a full 24 hour access for both our locations to all our customers. The gym membership includes access to equipment as well as a steam and sauna. Along with full access to the gym, PSB Fitness also offers experienced trainers that can be booked at an hourly rate in order for you to achieve your physical goals and aspirations. To further aid your fitness progress, as well as to take care of your required nutrition PSB Fitness also has a Supplement shop at both our locations.

You can track your calorie intake and output using our PSB Fitness+ app on your IOS and Android devices. You can also burn calories and earn rewards at the same time! It’s fitness and fun put together! You can also find quick 30 minute workout routines that can be performed at home and at the gym. Workout on site, or workout remotely, burn calories at your convenience!

The Biggest Loser Award!

For all the people who are joining PSB to lose weight and lead a healthy life, they can join our brand new contest called the The Biggest Loser Award! It sounds better than you think it is! People who are trying to lose weight can take part in the contest, and at the end of the month the person who loses the most weight will get a coupon for 1 month free membership at PSB which can be used at any time desired.

Sherpa’s Workout Activity

PSB Fitness

Welcome to a New Adventure: Together we will increase our physical and mental strength to reach our goals. Additionally, this adventure is all about you and your success, so every member of our family (trainers, nutritionists, founders, other members) is ready to support when you need it, PSB created 4 workout programs and 1 software application for your needs and wants.

Personal Trainer



Achievement: A successful life requires a healthier mind and body. Furthermore, extreme conditions show how we are capable. People can be surprised by facing unusual conditions. First of all, human being is not an easy target. However, each of us must maintain our mental and physical through physical activities. PSB’s services and programs (Everest, Sherpa, and K2-based fitness methods) are unbeaten to handle these challenges. Moreover, PSB’s sophisticated and theoretical programs are supported and designed by implication processes. Hence, the practical and user-friendly process makes this new perspective helpful for your needs.

Promotional Additions 

1- One month free for 8 month membership

2- Free Personal and Nutrition Training

3- Accessing Group Activities

4- Everest Mobile App

Different Perspective


Climbing Platform: Differing the structure of our location by climbing platforms provides a new aspects of workout activities, and the sections of the platform has difficulty levels. However, climbing in an urban area with safety despite all-weather conditions is so good, so PSB is opened to serve you in Brampton and Mississauga. 

Welcome to a New Adventure: Certainly, together we will increase our physical and mental strength to reach our goals. This adventure is all about you and your success. In addition, every member of our family (trainers, nutritionists, founders, other members) is ready to support when you need it. In conclusion, we created 4 workout programs and 1 software applicationLastly, all our programs:

Mauna Kea, K2 Group Training, K2 Personal Training, Sherpa Breath-Pro, and Everest Mobile App. PSB Provides FREE Different Consulting…

What is include?

o   K2 Group Members have 1-hour personal training option for each month

o   K2 Personal Training and Sherpa’s Breath Pro Members have 3 hours training option for each month

o   Sherpa’s Breath Pro Members have 3 hours of nutritionist support for each month

Climb to Summit

Key ElementsFirst, we use our Everest activity monitoring application, which was designed by our founders for your needs and wants. Monitoring your activity with synchronized equipment allows us to offer an effective workout schedule. Furthermore, we can generate weekly and monthly activity reports for you. Additionally, our top-notch fitness equipment is capable to follow your daily activities and calorie burning. Therefore, this service is an invaluable asset to provide an applicable fitness structure for you. In addition, the workout programs include a free personal trainer option for some of the programs.

Climb to Summit: Personal training is very effective for people, who have a tough time continuing their activity schedule. Each activity and equipment match your needs and goals. Personal training supported by a nutritionist to address diet problems. Climbing platforms are designed to increase your cardio condition by licensed trainer. 

The licensed nutritionist will continue to advise you via the Everest app after the monthly appointment. Further, the complete workout schedule, personal training and nutritionist support will be helpful elements while your CrossFiting journey. We provide nutritionist, and trainer consulting in Brampton and Mississauga.


Sherpa CrossFit

New System: Seeking the correct method to climb your summit of health condition is not a dream. Therefore, we offer the new successful Sherpa CrossFit method to increase your capabilities. For instance, Sherpa CrossFit includes sustainable training solutions. Our trainers are specialized to implement each process for your goals. For example, if you aim to lose weight, our licensed trainers tailor each activity for that. Furthermore, if you want to increase your cardio condition, we can design and control every activity for this purpose. 


The Sherpa CrossFit method gets its name from the people who live the top of the Himalayas for centuries. Without Sherpas, no one can be able to climb Everest or K2. Sherpas are tough people. Moreover, their lifestyle and activity have great recipes to reach out most effective CrossFit system.


Sherpa methods from Himalaya to improve physical resiliency and condition, therefore you will see your body transformation very quickly in this method. K2 group training is a source of strength and cardio.

New Methods

Climbing Platform:
 Differentiation the structure of our location by climbing platforms allows to increase the rate of achievement. Moreover, this platform changes all aspects of workout activities. Each section of the platform has difficulty levels. In the same vein we added CrossFit equipment and system to our locations. Besides all of that, climbing in an urban area with safety despite all-weather conditions is so good. We are open to serve you in our Brampton and Mississauga locations.

Welcome to a New Adventure: 

Together we will increase our physical and mental strength, and every one of us is ready to reach our goals. You will not be alone to get support and courage, so this adventure is all about you and your success. In addition, every member of our family (trainers, nutritionists, founders, other members) is ready to support, when you need it. In conclusion, we created 4 workout programs and 1 software application. Mauna Kea, K2 Group Training, K2 Personal Training, Sherpa Breath-Pro, and Everest Mobile App. PSB Provides FREE Different Consulting…


o   K2 Group Members have 1-hour personal training option for each month

o   K2 Personal Training and Sherpa’s Breath Pro Members have 3 hours training option for each month

o   Sherpa’s Breath Pro Members have 3 hours of nutritionist support for each month. Again, together we will increase our physical and mental strength. 


Overall, every one of us is ready to reach our goals. You will not be alone to get support and courage. This adventure is all about you and your success, so each of us (trainers, nutritionists, founders, other members) ready to support when you need it.  



CrossFit Exercise

PSB Fitness Brampton

PSB Fitness Mississauga

CrossFit Lessons Gym Mississauga

CrossFit Lessons Gym Mississauga will help you to reach all of your fitness and mental goals!

Fitness programs like this have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years because it’s a strength and conditioning workout that emphasizes functional movement and performance. Classes of CrossFit may include pulling, pushing, weight lifting, or squads that last a certain amount of time to build muscles.

Therefore, many young people, including college students, are interested in taking CrossFit lessons because it is one of the most efficient and challenging ways to achieve fitness goals. Eventually, people will gain experience and strength to fulfill their expectations. Also, members can train individually or groups, so they can share and learn with friends and family; or even meet new people.

Moreover, PSB Fitness offers an accessible monthly Premium Package, which includes CrossFit lessons in Mississauga, nutrition coaching, and post workout therapy. By taking advantage of this offer, members can attain any goal they set, such as losing weight or toning muscles. Furthermore, athletes will have different sessions with different exercises that can be adjusted for people based on their age and experience.

CrossFit Mississauga

How does CrossFit Lessons Gym Mississauga work?

PSB Fitness sessions usually last an hour. Each class consists of the following components:

  • First, a warmup will take place.
  • Secondly, a strength or skill workout.
  • Finally, some mobility exercises or a cooling down.

Thereafter, students who have access to the Premium package can receive post-training massages.

Why is post-workout therapy beneficial after CrossFit?

The following are a few benefits of post-training therapy:

  • Decrease pain.
  • Improve recovery on a daily basis.
  • Treat and prevent delayed body soreness.
  • Enhance flexibility.
  • Remove waste products and toxins from the muscles.
  • Reduce the risk of injury.

Post CrossFit lessons Therapy

What is the role of a nutritional coach in improving a person’s health and performance?

Nutrition is one of the most important things that people should know. By doing so, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and even improve your mental health. Having an instructor to guide and expand your knowledge of food is a great idea for these reasons!

Additionally, PSB Fitness offers weekly customized meals and diets to assist students as well as support them. Nutrition plans are available that are tailored to each person’s body type and metabolic rate. During this process, advisors teach and provide tips/strategies to improve results.

Staff members will always encourage everyone who struggles, does not feel motivated, or is thinking of giving up. As well, PSB advisors will help clients overcome obstacles along the way. Moreover, they will organize and track the data of the client so that they can determine their progress towards their goals.

Nutritional Coach Gym

What about college students? Can they benefit from the Premium Package?

Yes, absolutely! The PSB Fitness objective is to provide the best quality service at the best price.

Packages with premium features include:

  • Coach who specializes in nutrition.
  • Physiotherapy after exercise.
  • Lessons in CrossFit.
  • Passes are valid for up to three guests.

The cost is $50/month.

  • There are no taxes for students at Sheridan College.
  • Student ID is a requirement.

Please note:

  • It is possible to have online or in-person nutritional coaching sessions every week.
  • CrossFit lessons at gyms Mississauga are offered in person.
  • Choose between individual and group classes via the PSB App.
  • Due to COVID-19, team sessions are currently limited to five participants.
  • The Guests pass can be for anyone a student wishes to bring.

What is the location of PSB Fitness?

Feel free to contact us for more information through our email

Calisthenics workouts at PSB

Have you ever heard about calisthenics? It is a new sport trend and can be defined as a set with different physical exercises which use only the weight of body. Instead lifting dumbbells and executing the bodybuilding common exercises focusing only on a specific group of muscles (chest or back trainings for instance), calisthenics involves movements that requires the whole body. In addition to that, calisthenics develops skills such as strength, flexibility, and balance. And now, Sheridan’s students have access to our calisthenics workouts at the PSB fitness centers.

Calisthenics group classes at PSB

Our fitness center will now offer scheduled calisthenics group classes. These classes will take place every Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 7am and 7pm on the HMC campus, and every Monday and Wednesday starting at 8am and 8pm on the David Campus. These classes have one hour long.
Many people avoid these types of physical activity due to its intensity but don’t be afraid! Even tough they are more difficult to execute, our instructors will provide the proper orientation and full support during classes. Check it out our calisthenics workouts at PSB fitness.

This is not the only good news. Besides the calisthenics workouts, our instructors Jessie and Matt have learned new CrossFit workouts to teach and improve the overall results of PSB members trainings.

CrossFit classes at Sheridan PSB

CrossFit is a type of high intensity training and consists of a group of exercises with functional movements. These special group classes will take place every Friday 7am at the HMC campus and 7pm at the David Campus with two hours long. Don’t forget to make your registration!

CrossFit workouts adaptation for hypertrophy

But why CrossFit trainings should be interesting to us? Some CrossFit workouts can be combined with our bodybuilding training routines, enhancing the quality of physical program, and helping us to achieve our gym objectives faster. Usually, the CrossFit workout requires a lot of strength and conditioning but all the trainings at PSB fitness are adapted in order to promote the well being without harming any gym member. We are proud of our respect and integrity with our customers and for following the safety guidelines.

Now is the time to make your registration! Don’t forget to apply for our rewards program too!

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