Bargain gym prices in Brampton and Mississauga with added member benefits.

What is PSB Fitness?

PSB Fitness was founded by two PSB alumni’s named Matt Harold and his friend Jessie. The two friends are passionate and have made careers from fitness prior to PSB. The goal of PSB Fitness is to provide a low pressure and comfortable training facility for women. The hope is to increase personal health and confidence for all women. Whether your personal goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, learn a new sport, or you’re just trying for find a new hobby, PSB Fitness provides the necessary classes, services, and equipment to help you achieve your goal all at a bargain price.

Currently, PSB Fitness has two locations. One location in Mississauga and one in Brampton and both facilities are located on Sheridan Campus in their respective cities.

Female beginners volleyball classes.

PSB Fitness is proud to announce our new service to keep women healthy and active. This service is a beginners volleyball class that is available to all members at PSB Fitness and will allow members to learn a new skill while staying physically active. These classes will take place on the HMC and the Davis Sheridan campus’s and will provide members with the basic rules and techniques needed to begin playing volleyball competitively.

These beginner classes are free to all PSB Fitness members because we want to show the Sheridan community that you can have fun while working out. We know that signing up for a gym and working out is easy. The hard part is continuing to go over long periods of time because people lose motivation. PSB Fitness hopes that our new volleyball class will not only help keep member active, but also keep members motivated to come back because they are having fun while staying healthy.

Membership Package

PSB Fitness’s hopes to one day begin a volleyball league where every woman in the GTA is able to sign up and play. Currently we only offer classes to PSB Fitness members in hopes of them joining the league one day once they learn the rules and techniques of the sport. Even though only members have access to these classes, anybody can sign up to be a member due to our affordable monthly rates.  Members pay only $40 a month in order to enjoy all the services, equipment, and amenities that PSB Fitness offers which is low compared to other companies within the fitness industry.

PSB Fitness is most convenient for Sheridan students because our facilities are right on campus. This means students who wish to work out or use our services after class don’t have to commute to another gym, they can simply walk to the other side of campus and begin training. You can sign up for a membership at both PSB Fitness locations or online at

Member benefits

Not only do members have access to the PSB Fitness gym and all its equipment, we offer numerous classes. These classes include yoga and tai chi and are tough by industry professionals. Members are also given passes that grant friends and family one time use access to our facility for a three hour periods. This means that new members don’t feel alone while working out and have some they know there to motivate them. We hope that these passes also help generate new members as it allows people to test out our facilities.

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Young women’s casual volleyball club with gym membership Brampton

Young Women's Casual Volleyball Club With Gym Membership Brampton A Young Women’s Volleyball Club with Gym Benefits

At PSB Fitness our highest objective is always to help our customers reach their overall body and fitness goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, endurance, strength, or anything else. We provide a multitude of activities, classes and amenities to help our amazing audience to reach their personal goals. Including our young women’s casual volleyball club, with gym membership, Brampton and Mississauga locations. As well as classes taught by professionally qualified athletes and personal trainers. We provide personal training sessions in the gym as well as volleyball lessons for young women just starting out, or those who wish to perfect their performance.

Volleyball Club + Gym Membership Package Deal

At PSB Fitness we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best bang for their bucks. For the most part around the GTA,  you can either join a gym or a volleyball league, it is rare that you’ll find both. That’s where we come in, we allow for the best of many worlds as we allow for our customers to play casual volleyball or in a recreational league, and workout in the fitness center all under one roof with our young women’s casual volleyball club with gym membership, Brampton and Mississauga locations included.

Now at this point you may be wondering. “Won’t this cost me an arm and a leg?” That’s the best thing about PSB Fitness, it won’t! While normally you can expect to pay at least $150-$300 to join a volleyball club for a season, then add the cost of a typical gym membership at $40-$80 per month, we provide a package deal to join our women’s volleyball club for a season for only $100 plus the cost of our gym membership which is$50/month. Those who do not want to participate in the club but would still like to play some volleyball with a friend are free to do so with only our gym membership.

Workout With Friends

Speaking of playing with friends, we allow our members to bring a friend with them. Whether that is to workout or to play some volleyball, or just enjoy our tanning and massage beds. This of course comes at no extra cost as we believe that things are more fun with friends. That is what we are all about at PSB Fitness, above all we want our members to have fun!

It’s important to us that our customers are as dedicated to their health and fitness as we are. While we understand that some prefer to work by themselves, we also understand that there are some that prefer to exercise with friends and we would like to reflect that. Achieve your body goals without sacrificing your social life. Get tanned, toned and relaxed beside your best friend with open-access to our state of the art tanning and hydromassage beds for only an extra $10/month on your membership fee.


Young Women's Casual Volleyball Club With Gym Membership Brampton


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a men’s volleyball club as well?

Unfortunately we do not have a co-ed club or one exclusively for men at this time. We do allow male PSB Fitness members to use the volleyball court for practice or recreational play. Men are also welcome to spectate and support our great women competing in the league.

Where Can I Take Advantage Of This Volleyball Club With Gym Membership Package?

Those who would like to get involved with our PSB Fitness family at the best possible deal. Can sign up for our young women’s volleyball club and gym membership at a reduced rate per season either at our Brampton or Mississauga locations. Or online at

Can I join the volleyball club without joining the gym?

Females looking to join our women’s volleyball club without a gym membership will be pleased to learn this is possible. For a rate of $150/season, women get to participate in the volleyball club’s 10 week season as well as access to the court at any time for practice.

If you have any other questions regarding, availability, fees, rules etc. Please reach out to us on Twitter at or on Instagram at